Safety : Newmat Stretch Ceilings are Compliance with International Standards

A+ Certified

The Safety of NEWMAT  Stretchable Ceilings

All NEWMAT ceilings are in compliance with the EU Standard for Stretch Ceilings, EN 14716 and therefore have the right and obligation to carry the CE mark, which guarantees the quality and traceability of each ceiling.
• All rated membranes benefit from the EU fire rating, BS2D0, in accordance with EN 13501-1. Several national ratings are also available (Class O for the UK, Class A for the USA, etc.).
• The Newmat stretch ceilings benefit from a detailed study regarding their environmental impact within the framework of the HQE (High Environmental Quality) procedure in France. The detailed report is available in several languages.
• The Newmat stretch ceilings are in compliance with the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use, the REACH regulation. They benefit from a rating of A+, the best possible rating.
• Newmat guarantees the resistance of its welds for a period of ten years.
• Newmat is a founding member of the ADEPPT, the association for Stretch Ceiling companies and professionals, whose main goal is to ensure the quality and security of the product from its manufacture to its installation.