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NEWLINE: A Revolutionary Technique

The PVC perforated stretched ceiling system can create curves, angles, domes and other various shapes. It can be used without any light source from behind (dark perforations) in natural transparency, or backlit with or without a “NEWMAT” translucent ceiling which has a frosted glass look (luminous perforations).


Mass tinted with UV protection

Not affected by disinfectants (chlorine etc.).

Class A non toxic fire rating.

100% memory allowing it to return to original state even after deformation from leaks or others.

Perforations allow for ventilation of plenum and exhaustion of potential smoke.

Welded together by high frequency.

Perimeter rails allow for the harpoon insertion.

Thickness of 0.01″, weight of 0.65 ounces per square foot.

Non porous and resistant to humidity and chemicals.

System Flexibility

Fully accessible ceiling.

Can be perforated to accommodate lights, HVAC and other mechanical.

Numerous technical and aesthetic options to complement swimming pools, shopping centers, industrial buildings, restaurants, offices etc… with flat or shaped ceilings.