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NEWLIGHT stretch ceiling allows you the play with lighting.

The NEW LIGHT stretch ceiling in translucent completion permits you to play with lighting joining it with a NEWLINE or other completion. The ceiling makes your space clean and glowing, permitting outlines constrained just by your creative ability.

Newlight functions admirably with either characteristic or manufactured lights and can be introduced as single layer or two fold layer for better light dissemination. Moreover, a second layer will serve as a boundary for dust or garbage. Along these lines, the base film dependably searches crisp for some long years.

Membrane Thickness Transmission Absorption Fire Rating
T0B 20/100 72.50% 27.50% B, s2, d0
TOB2 17/100 70.98% 29.02% B, s2, d0
TOB3 17/100 76.60% 23.40% B, s2, d0
TOB4 17/100 71.38% 28.62% B, s2, d0
T1 Naturel 17/100 91.80% 8.20% CLASSE F
T3 Bleu 17/100 61.22% 38.78% CLASSE F
T4 Vert 17/100 73.46% 26.54% CLASSE F
T8 CRYSTAL 30/100 98.10% 1.90% CLASSE F