Almost all Newmat stretch ceiling membranes can be treated acoustically (Micro perforation).

250000 micro perforations / Sqm.

Provides the best ratio between sound absorption.

Mechanical strength of the membrane.

Newmat acoustic stretch ceiling consist of patented micro perforated membrane which can control the noise arises in the room. It is stretched by itself or over an acoustic core. The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) vary from 0.50 to 1.0 and also you can choose various spectrum according to your needs.

The NRC depends on the acoustical core and the mounting type as you prefer. The high acoustical absorption properties of acoustic stretch ceiling (New Acoustic) is perfect for opera house or concert halls, multiplex theatres, auditoriums in schools, daycare centers or buildings which require sophisticated acoustics.

The micro perforated acoustic stretch ceilings is patented and provide the best high acoustical absorption for wall or ceiling application. With or without an acoustical core, the NEW ACOUSTIC membrane will give NRC’s from 0.50 to 1.0.

All NEWMAT stretch membranes can be treated acoustic (Microperforation). We apply 2,50,000 micro perforations in the stretch ceiling membrane per Square meter.

Also it gives the best ratio between sound absorption and mechanical strength of the membrane.

Acoustic Solution for Your Interiors with Acoustic Stretch Ceilings

A simple application, no need to install an additional acoustic absorber.

New Acoustic Stretch Ceiling Membrane without Liner

Recommended by Newmat

Solution No. 1
Double Layer of Membrane

Recommended by Newmat

Solution No. 2
Membrane only

NEW ACOUSTIC Stretch Ceiling Membrane with Acoustic Absorber

Recommended by Newmat

Solution No. 3
NEW ACOUSTIC Membrane + Acoustic Liner

Recommended by Newmat

Solution No. 4
NEW ACOUSTIC Membrane + Rock Wool