BATINEWLINE membrane is made up from vinyl coated polyester mesh which can be customized in accordance with your application. BatiNewline product can be installed in both exterior and interior. Transparent opaque or back lighting combinations can easily be achieved with this Class A/1 mesh stretch ceiling and wall material.

Create Unusal Forms and Shapes

The texture and flexibility of BATINEWLINE allow for large span surfaces without the need for heavy framing. NUmerous installation options let you create original slopes, curves, angles and shapes.

Combine Aesthetic, Safety and Technical Features

In addition to its obvious aesthetic qualities, the air permeable BATINEWLINE provides an efficient screening for pipes, conduits and various mechanicals while permitting easy accessibility for maintenance. Its great resistance to tearing is an added safety factor.

Rely on the NEWMAT Guarantee

The BATINEWLINE product line is the latest addition to the NEWMAT stretch ceiling system available worldwide. NEWMAT stretch ceilings are guaranteed for 10 years against seam ruptures.