Guaranteed Ceiling Quality NORMS

When you decide to renew your ceiling or create a new one, you have to ensure that you have got the quality ceiling from a certified installer like Newmat. Newmat provide you the best ceiling that you can get and these ceilings comes with A+mark certification. The emission of toxic volatile compounds will cause risk inhalation.Since Newmat ceilings comes with A+ mark, it ensures your safety and security (CE certified).

Newmat stretch ceiling system comply with the European standard EN-14716 and be trademarked CE in order to be commercialized and circulate within the European Union. Trademark mandatory for ceilings in public and private places as of Oct. 1st,2007. Newmat offers you a 10 year guarantee for all ceiling products.

Newmat ceilings are unique and guarantees its origin and traceblity. Newmat ceilings are non-inflammable and auto-extinguishable. They are benefits from the fire classified under EUROCLASSE BS2D0 (N° certificate : 0334-DPC-1004).

The FDE&S for the HQE® procedure

Environmental and health characteristics of building products for the high environmental quality procedure. NEWMAT SAS like all responsible companies is concerned with the respect of our environment.

Together with the official organizations Newmat carried out the Environmental and Health Characteristics of Building Products for the HQE® procedure (High Environmental Quality) for stretch ceilings, whose results are very positive. All of these steps come within the context of sustainability, which will remain a priority for NEWMAT SAS in the years to come.

Newmat provides 100 percent recyclable ceilings. We have 27+ years of experience in ceiling industry. We are the member of ADEPPT ( Association for Stretch Ceiling companies and professionals, N° number: 14C94) and SNAFAPT (The National Syndicate of Stretch Ceiling Manufacturers ).The Newmat stretch ceiling installation complies with the standard DTU 58.2 stretch ceilings.