ADEPPT established on May 06, 1994 by SFEC and SNAFAPT under the aegis of the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, the National Charter of the stretch Ceiling with the aim of bringing together all the professionals in the stretch ceilings industry to promote the stretchable ceiling

On April 6th, 2006, the creation of the ADEPPT, an association governed by the 1901 Act, was adopted, incorporating the original objectives of the National Charter of the stretch Ceiling by broadening its field of action. While continuing the goals of the National Charter of the stretch Ceiling, the ADEPPT sets itself new goals


  • Complete the development of DTU 58-2 (French standard for implementation),
  • Initiate a specific training for stretchable ceilings installation
  • Ensure the follow-up of recycling by the members of the ADEPPT
  • To acquire the means to meet the needs of the HQE® (High Environmental Quality)
  • To promote the ceiling market by drawing on a representative association and means of communication (website, press relations …).

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